1973 MAZDA RX2 coated in 12H NANO DIAMOND CERAMIC QUARTZ COATING πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ YES 12H!!! 3 COATS FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION AND SHINE!! IF YOU WANT YOUR CAR LOOKING LIKE THIS WITH MAXIMUM PAINT PROTECTION AND SHINE GIVE US A CALL!! #12H #3coats #glassshine #ceramiccoating #nano4lifeaustralia #paintprotection #approvedapplictor4nano4lifeaustralia CONTACT DAVE : 0415230995 πŸ’Ž Superior ceramic coatic (9H-12H) πŸ’Ž Super shiny clear finish πŸ’Ž Self cleaning – liquids bead off πŸ’Ž Up to 10 years constant protection πŸ’Ž Colour protection from uv radiation πŸ’Ž Anti graffiti πŸ’Ž Scratch Resistance πŸ’Ž Anti-corrosion Protecrion πŸ’Ž Anti-Oxidation Protection πŸ’Ž Highly protective in extreme weather (frost & heat) πŸ’Ž 100% ENVIRONMENTLLY FREINDLY πŸ’Ž Advanced Chemical (acid resistance) Nano4Life Australia

Ceramic coating, full detail, paint protection, Xtreme Klean Auto Detailing
  1. Ceramic coating, nano4life Australia, paint protection

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